About Us


SIS Hosting is a wholly owned subsidiary of SIS Group which has been in the Internet service business for well over a decade. SIS Hosting is now a mature network and cloud computing service provider with a wide customer base from small business to large enterprise. Our mission is to offer our clients the most advanced networks and software management systems available today with extremely robust data storage networks connected to high speed server infrastructures that use virtual machines, clustering and automatic load balancing. A full service network provider, SIS Hosting is able to offer the most advanced cloud computing services, colocation and dedicated hosting.

SIS Hosting takes pride in our customer service and train our representatives to be technically aware and most of all, to listen to what customers have to say. SIS Hosting’s technical support team is available 24/7 to manage user problems, technical issues and help clients with any type of technical query with educated explanations and offering carefully planned solutions.

Technical Expertise

  • Linux administration
  • Customisation and support
  • Public and private cloud
  • IAAS/SAAS deployment
  • Network design and implementation
  • WAN & LAN

Our Network

  • Routing by Juniper Routers
  • Security by High Availability Netscreen Firewalls
  • Extreme Networks switching layer
  • Operating a domestic peering network SIS-IX with ethernet in SISDC1, GlobalSwitch and Equinix SY1, SY2 & SY3.
  • Transit provided from multiple high quality, reliable international and domestic paths. AS38220.
  • Resilient Dark Fibre connects all our Sydney datacentre’s together.

Service Level Guarantee

While SIS Hosting endeavors to provide a 100% service, and does so most of the time, we offer a service level guarantee to all our clients that on a day-to-day basis that we will supply a minimum of 99.95% of the Service Level Agreement we enter into.