Best Website Hosting Options

If you are in the process of setting up your business website, then you might require some advanced knowledge about the best website hosting options available in the market today. With thousands of web hosting companies offering many different solutions, it is important to decide on the right type of hosting that will suit your unique business requirements. Depending on the cost and overall features, there are different kinds of website hosting services offered such as VPS hosting, ecommerce hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting and many more.

Choose From The Best Website Hosting Options

Today, VPS hosting is the most widely used web hosting solution that is used by both SME’s and start-ups to reap the benefits of economies of scale and have access to some of its powerful hosting features. In the earlier days, shared hosting was the only best website hosting solution available to most of the companies. Though it is highly cost-effective and affordable option for small enterprises, it may lack some of the essential security features and can lead to greater occurrences of website downtime. It is more vulnerable to online security threats and attacks from viruses and malware, when compared to a more reliable and secure VPS hosting platform.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting can also be a great option that works well for the needs of large enterprises. By using this best website hosting option, you can have dedicated access to all the server resources including server space, bandwidth and CPU. You can get complete flexibility and control to manage your server configurations and settings according to your preferences. Dedicated hosting offers assured security and high level of data protection but can cost a lot which may not be affordable to all kinds of enterprises.

VPS hosting offers a middle ground between shared hosting and VPS hosting services.  It is both affordable and provides greater autonomy to the users for accessing available server resources. In a VPS environment, each physical server is divided into multiple partitions or virtual servers that works on an independent OS. This means you have greater administrative control over your VPS software, without incurring additional costs associated with hardware maintenance. For a lesser cost, you can reap the benefits of having a dedicated server using a VPS hosting solution with added security features.

Specialized Web Hosting Solutions

WordPress Hosting

If you are using WordPress for managing your website content, then you have several options for hosting your CMS website. As an open source software, WordPress offers some unique features with a built-in template system based on a plug-in architecture that allows for quick and effective editing and publishing of content. Thus, you can build and manage complex websites with minimal effort and ease using a simple and user friendly CMS such as WordPress. Besides, WordPress based hosting works on both Linux and Windows based platform which makes it easy to install and configure them instantly to suit your needs. With a WordPress VPS hosting, you can gain access to a graphical web interface such as cPanel that helps you to create rich and high quality websites using some of the excellent automation tools.

Ecommerce Hosting

If you have an ecommerce website selling online products and services, then there are different ecommerce hosting solutions available today. Most of these ecommerce hosting services offer some great features including domain registration and renewal, merchant account setup and services, domain privacy protection along with 24/7 customer support. Using popular ecommerce apps such as Magento, osCommerce and Zencart, you can easily set up product pages with text and graphic descriptions. You can also choose customized ecommerce solutions using VPS hosting to ensure greater speed and experience higher level of website performance.

Best Website Hosting With Cloud Services

A growing trend witnessed in website hosting these days is with the introduction of cloud based servers that offers a convenient and hassle-free option for business enterprises to maintain their essential data and information. With cloud hosting providing excellent storage and backup options for your business data with remote access facilities, it can be a perfect solution for managing all your data storage issues. With easy deployment and scalable solutions, cloud hosting is immensely popular among lot of medium and large enterprises. It is both cost effective and helps in centralized management of resources that makes it easy and efficient to host and manage your website using only the required resources.

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