Content Delivery Network


If your website business is primarily based in Australia but you want to take advantage of faster access for your audience worldwide and lower your operating costs while still keeping your servers and data secure in Australia a Content Delivery Network might be the ideal solution. Using a CDN to deliver content to your users can mean a huge difference when it comes to the users perceived quality of service. Most site visitors have limited patience when it comes to waiting for pages to load; a CDN offers the perfect solution.

SIS has strategically placed a network of content caches globally to offer our clients a flexible and high speed delivery framework.

How Content Delivery Network Works

A CDN is a group of worldwide servers that cache data locally in their region. This cache is constantly updated as the central server changes. When a visitor requests your website pages a local DNS server will reply with the corresponding local CDN server for the region and serve the cached copy of your website. This in turn reduces the load on the origin server and can significantly speed up page requests by site visitors as the majority of the content can be cached in the local region while reducing traffic at the central server as traffic remains local for most Internet activity.

CDN Control Panel

Our control panel allows you to enable CDN for any website in a matter of minutes. Simply input your CDN hostname and origin, select which CDN Edge Groups you want to subscribe to, and it will be enabled on our global network in minutes.

CDN Features

  • On Demand purge of the cache to trigger an update to CDN
  • Bandwidth plans starting from 1TB to 50TB
  • Panel for real time activation and usage reporting
  • Ability to choose specific edge group
To find out exactly how much your website performance can be improved, try our free 30 day no obligation CDN trial, which includes 1TB of data storage on the SIS CDN, contact us now for more information.