Buy Cheap Domain Names


You can buy cheap domain names from SIS hosting – starting at under $20.00 per year. You can secure both .com and domains, and many other top level domain name types. You can get started by using this search feature

AU TLD 1 year 22 2 yr min 22 2 yr min 22 2 yr min 22 2 yr min 22 2 yr min
com 18.5
net 18.5
org 18.5
asn 55.5 2 yr min
info 18.5

Many TLDs (top level domains) have already been secured, and the most sought after domains can be very expensive. Nowadays there are many domain extensions so you can possibly still secure a domain for your business if the .com version is already taken. The opportunity to buy cheap domain names still exists, and you should be able to find what you need on this page.

Do I actually buy cheap domain names?

Technically, no. Similar to securing registration of a business name for two years, domain name registration is essentially a lease. Domain names can be registered for one or two years and must be renewed in order to maintain it. You can find more information at .auDA – the domain name registrar in Australia. So if you buy cheap domain names, remember you are only purchasing them for a period of time.

We hope you find the right domain – happy searching!