Drupal VPS Hosting

As a web application framework and a Content Management System( CMS) Drupal VPS hosting is a trusted and popular platform that allows individuals and corporate enterprises to create and manage their growing websites. Drupal is an open-source software that is absolutely free to use and does not require any license fees.

Using some of the robust, scalable and reliable solutions offered by Drupal platform, you can create a stunning personal website, corporate or an ecommerce portal or even build intranets and social networking sites. With the backing of dedicated and passionate community of developers, you can get the best technical assistance to upgrade useful features for your growing business.

Smart Benefits Of Drupal VPS Hosting

Drupal can bring some dramatic results in building an online presence for your business and it is used by some of the world’s largest enterprise to build and design complex websites.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Drupal for building your website:

Create Versatile And Responsive Websites

Drupal offers an extremely easy to use web interface that helps in managing different kinds of content ranging from texts, blogs, video, podcasts or even polls. With its powerful user management tools, it provides flexibility in handling menus with some useful features, including real time statistics and revision control which is optional to the users. By using Drupal, you have many possibilities of designing your website and customize it according to your needs. There are many interesting themes offered by Drupal that can be used to create different kind of websites.

User Friendly And Economical

As an open source software, Drupal is one of the widely used Content Management Systems(CMS) that provides different modules and themes free of cost. Most of the Drupal enhancements are provided in response to the needs of the community of developers who use this software regularly. Drupal is based on PHP( popular web programming language) which is simple and easy to learn and suitable for beginners.

Provides Rich Features For Content Development

Drupal offers plenty of interesting tools that is suitable for designing content rich websites and attracting more number of visitors. You can organize, structure and re-use the content as per your needs and requirement or even categorize them using taxonomy. Using Drupal, you can create menus or URL’s and highlight important information and reference specific areas of your content on your website. Drupal is a great way to collaborate and bring together a social community of users to express their views and opinions by granting user privileges or permissions and effectively manage and control your website content.

Drupal VPS Hosting Offers Customized And Secure Solutions

VPS hosting can provide a definite edge to your online business with its customized and cost-effective solutions. It is one of the best ways to host and manage your corporate website by reaping the benefits of a dedicated server and at the same time spending less money on your website hosting needs. Though shared hosting is a cheaper option, it lacks the required functionality and flexibility required to operate high traffic websites. With VPS hosting, you can ensure that the different modules and configurations required by Drupal are easily available and customized to fit into your website specifications.

Most of the Drupal websites depend on memory intensive modules that requires greater memory limits that may not be available through a shared hosting option. VPS hosting provides greater control and allows flexibility in server configuration and management with allocated CPU, RAM and bandwidth to manage complex websites. With better security through multiple layers of protection along with firewalls, VPS hosting offers secure solutions in managing confidential customer data and information. By allowing to consume the right amount of resources needed by your Drupal websites, VPS hosting can help in improving its speed and performance.

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