Magento VPS hosting

Magento is a robust and Open Source ecommerce platform that offers plenty of interesting features to manage your ecommerce website with greater efficiency. You can have better control and customize website content to meet your unique business requirements with a scalable solution such as Magento VPS hosting.

If you are looking to build a fabulous shopping cart with all the advanced features, then Magento can provide the best solution. This user friendly and new generation PHP based solution allows you to add unlimited products to your product catalogue. You can improve the presentation of your website and attract more number of visitors to boost online sales and revenue using some of the rich and versatile features offered by Magento.

Top Advantages Of Using Magento VPS Hosting

-Provides Rich Features

Magento makes it easy and efficient to manage inventory of your online store, customize your store catalogue, add interesting product images and manage customer orders. It is a more economical solution, costs relatively less to set up and manage an online store using this versatile platform. By installing Magento just once, you can have multiple stores using different domain names, security certificates and many IP’s.

Easy To Use With Mutiple User Options

You can use Magento to create a user-friendly ecommerce storefront with unique options including the Guest Checkout to attract a large number of online visitors. By using this feature, visitors need not register on to your website and can make direct purchases from your online store using the guest login. This option provides an easy, convenient and hassle free process of managing vital customer, payment and delivery related information. Small retailers can find this ecommerce tool to be very useful in managing their online stores and customize the look of their website by adding interesting themes or logo.

Market Your Online Products

You can add unlimited products to your online store catalogue and group items based on different category and color. As an ecommerce solution, Magento can be used as a powerful SEO and marketing tool to engage your customers and drive your online sales. Magento also provides some interesting tools in the form of customer rewards points, online offers, discount coupons and automatic email reminders to boost your customer engagement efforts.

Ensure Safe And Secure Transactions

With secure payment gateways available on Magento, you can offer multiple payment and shipping options to your customers. You can provide a personalized shopping experience to your customers using product suggestions tool, ratings and reviews on different products along with targeted product promotions.

Create Powerful Websites With Magento VPS Hostng

By using a typical shared hosting environment, you may not be able to customize settings to meet your specific business needs and requirement. You can run your Magento website in an easy and smooth manner by tweaking the settings to improve PHP memory limits using a VPS hosting platform that allows for root level access to the server. With a scalable and flexible VPS hosting solution, you can also change the cache size and Apache settings to boost your website performance.

Using dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth with better control over server settings, you can customize your Magento website to meet different needs. You can install different types of software on an independent OS through an independent virtual environment and reap the benefits of increased security of vital customer related data and information.

VPS hosting allows you to install PHP accelerators that can enhance the speed and performance of your Magento website. Along with providing additional resources for your website, VPS hosting also offers an exceptional cPanel graphical user interface with some feature rich tools for managing your website in a smooth and efficient manner.

You can even create a mobile friendly storefront using some of the versatile features offered by Magento platform to customize and refine your website and attract maximum number of customers. Online retailers can use this powerful Magento platform on VPS to provide a seamless retail experience to their customers and boost their website conversion rates.



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