VPS cPanel Setup

cPanel with VPS hosting is a popular and user-friendly method that is mostly preferred by lot of online enterprises, due to some of its excellent and striking features. It offers maximum flexibility to the users and makes navigation extremely smooth with its easy to use graphical interface in the form of icons and menus. Plus, it can provide good support to different operating systems, while enabling greater control over the server settings and improving speed and efficiency in server management.  In addition, cPanel also offers better security features in terms of customer data protection which is vital for every business.

Benefits Of VPS cPanel

For starters, cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides instant access to manage custom databases, blogging software, handling multiple domains, uploading software, installing WordPress across domains to much more. cPanel is often used in conjunction with WHM or the WebHost Manager, which is actually a web hosting  control panel based on Linux OS. Thus, the WHM offers a graphical interface with some of the rich automation tools to make it easy and convenient to host any website.

By integrating cPanel with the powerful VPS hosting platform, you can have access to scalable, flexible and customized web hosting solutions. One of the vital benefits of using VPS hosting services with the cPanel platform is to get complete access to most of the server resources, without actually investing in a dedicated server. Lot of developers tend to manage their servers using shell or SSH, whereas a cPanel with a VPS hosting option allows you to handle multiple sites using a single interactive interface.

Using cPanel with VPS hosting has other unique advantages as it allows you to create your e-mail address in no time using the cPanel account of your hosting account. You just need to login to cPanel and click on the required tab, use the right options to get your own e-mail account. It allows you to manage multiple domains, if you need to have more than one address that points to a single website. Besides, using cPanel’s exclusive feature- Fantastico, which is an auto installer can help in installing some of the widely used and popular php scripts to save the hassles of manually uploading these scripts.

VPS cPanel Can Guarantee Some Amazing Results

If you are looking for some dramatic results in your business, then cPanel with VPS hosting can offer the best solution in terms of both budget and overall superior performance. It can reduce the complexities involved in managing servers by having control over the server settings and configurations. You can even consider adding more resources to your server, while improving the speed and efficiency of your website.

At the same time, cPanel is specifically designed to assist users, who may lack the technical expertise and makes it easy to manage their website. Along with the other features, cPanel helps you to track and monitor your website statistics including the number of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly visitors. This tool is extremely efficient and can provide information regarding the browsers, location, search engines or even any external links used to access your website. Likewise, file transfer and database management including uploading pages is further simplified through some of the unique tools offered by cPanel.

In addition, cPanel with VPS hosting also provides web troubleshooting and excellent script debugging support to the users. By enabling you to measure the real time statistics, it helps you to manage the traffic flow to your website and get some remarkable success in your online business.

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