VPS Ecommerce Hosting

Many small companies that operate online stores prefer to use VPS ecommerce hosting solutions over other types of hosting, due to some of its powerful and incredible features.  VPS provides one of the most secure, reliable and safe hosting platform for different ecommerce websites with improved functionality and guarantees greater performance. With the increasing number of customers, you may need to handle high amount of traffic that may not be possible, owing to the current limitations of your hosting solution.

Benefits of VPS Ecommerce Hosting

Whether it is managing product listings or offering services such as payment processing, inventory management or even making tax calculations involves dealing with sensitive customer related data and information. With its low cost advantages and ability to provide similar features as of a dedicated hosting plan, VPS offers an isolated and secure hosting environment to each user across a shared system.

A reliable VPS hosting solution gives you greater control and flexibility to manage your server and make the desired changes to the settings. You can expect minimum downtime for your website and reduce the chances of website crashes during increase in the volume of traffic. Even in the event of other websites getting affected on the server, it is likely to have no impact on the functioning of your website on a VPS hosting platform.

You can get access to greater bandwidth, RAM and more CPU resources, choose your backend database or use a large number of scripts and ecommerce shopping carts. Most of the VPS ecommerce hosting plans also offer dedicated technical and customer support to efficiently manage issues related to installation and assist with set up procedures.

VPS Ecommerce Business Solutions

By opting for a VPS hosting plan, you can get the flexibility to customize your server according to your needs, install different softwares on the OS, manage your database and make upgrades. With the use of control Panel such as cPanel, you can find the best ecommerce applications and manage the details of your website with greater efficiency. You get to choose from a wide range of ecommerce shopping carts to suit your business needs. By using apps such as Magento, Zen Cart, osCommerce, you can set up different product pages using both text and graphical descriptions.

Most of these apps provide features that allow you to set the price, currency, handle shipping, taxes etc and manage customer transactions in a more safe and secure manner. Some of the apps such as Magento also provide a huge range of customized products for your online store that can be easily installed on a VPS server. With a VPS hosting solution, you can have access to many ecommerce applications that allows you to design your website to suit your different business needs. Apart from enabling you to select the right layout and design for your website, VPS hosting assists you in buying additional web space and resources to suit your requirements. Most of the server management and administration tasks can be easily managed by your host provider, leaving you to focus on other vital business processes. Many of the VPS service hosting providers assist you in procuring SSL certificates to build better customer loyalty and trust in your brand.


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