VPS Hosting Versus Dedicated Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting solution for your company can sometimes be a huge challenge, given the different kinds of options available today in the market.

Whether your website is designed to offer entertainment, share business information or sell online products to customers can have a profound influence in deciding on the best type of hosting services suited to your business.

You may also have to weigh other factors including the cost, performance, security features, speed and bandwidth offered along with technical support available through different hosting plans.

Why VPS hosting is better than shared?

When it comes to website hosting services, you can have access to the most basic shared hosting plans that are more cost-effective, affordable and allow websites to share the same server space. This may be the best choice, especially when your business is still in the early stages and require lesser resources.

However, with your business expanding, you may need to have greater access to more server resources, web applications and increased bandwidth to handle the high volume of traffic.

In such cases, Virtual Private Server may prove to be a more viable alternative to shared hosting, as it can be easily personalized to meet your server needs and requirements. VPS is a type of hosting, where multiple servers run on a single hardware installation using a virtualization software.

Benefits of VPS hosting and dedicated plans

With VPS, you can enjoy more freedom and flexibility to manage the server according to your preference and liking by installing any software on the OS.  Although you share different physical resources including RAM, CPU , diskspace etc, you can still enjoy the privilege of having a private server. In VPS, each virtual server has the capability to run its operating system and different applications.

Dedicated hosting is by far the most expensive of all the three as it allows you to own the server without sharing the resources with any other users on the physical machine. This means all the hardware and the resources can be completely under your control and you can make any modifications to the server to meet your unique requirements.

Can VPS or dedicated hosting make a difference?

Using VPS hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of having access to allocated share of resources, security features, privacy and administrative abilities to control and customize the server according to your needs. It allows you to have root level access to the server, while maintaining the ease and simplicity of a shared hosting service. Most of the hosting companies provide support for physical maintenance and security of your server. Cost definitely works out to be of greater advantage as it is cheaper when compared to dedicated hosting. With VPS, you can have a private virtual machine at your disposal but you still need to share the physical server with the rest of the users.

With dedicated hosting, you can reap the benefits of having high speed servers with routers and all the hardware attached including support and administration offered through a climate controlled data center. You can be definitely assured of high speed and greater bandwidth which is suitable for many large sized enterprises. Security systems with firewalls and 24/7 technical support and management is definitely an advantage with dedicated hosting services.

VPS might still prove to be a better option in terms of features, customization, resources and overall functionality available at affordable prices. It works to the advantage of many enterprises who may not be still ready to switch over to a more expensive and full-fledged dedicated hosting plan for managing their business.

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