Web Hosting Comparison

If you are ready to get started on choosing the best hosting solution for your website, then you might find plenty of options available in the market today. Right from cheap shared hosting plans to more expensive dedicated hosting plans are offered by various web hosting providers. However, if you want to achieve better scalability, economies of scale and high performance, it is best to do a hosting comparison between VPS and cloud hosting solutions. Both these types of hosting offer virtualization benefits to the users and are based on the same technology. There is also a growing preference among lot of companies for using VPS with cloud hosting solutions to get the best of both the worlds.

Hosting Comparison And Overview On VPS Hosting

VPS hosting has been around for sometime in the market and is widely used among lot of enterprises as it is more affordable and offers lots of other versatile hosting features. It is based on the virtualization technique, where a single server is divided into several logical partitions or virtual servers. One of the unique features of VPS server is that it offers the same kind of benefits as of a dedicated server. This makes it far more cost-effective as compared to dedicated hosting solutions.

Virtual Private Servers provide complete flexibility and control over managing server configurations and settings to suit your specific business requirements. Cloud hosting, on the other hand offers scalable solutions and mainly comprises of a cluster of servers. The computing resources are shared among these servers and you can add as many servers as you like to a single cluster. These servers are connected via powerful networking system that reduces the occurrences of any downtime and offers a swift and smooth website performance.

VPS v/s Cloud Hosting Comparison

-Scalability And Flexibility

VPS hosting provides quick and scalable solutions to the users using a paid subscription model. This requires you to purchase all the essential resources required for VPS hosting such as disk space, memory and processor space. With cloud hosting, there is no subscription fee charged but the users are required to pay according to their usage requirements. This means you pay for whatever resources you use and this makes spending far more economical. The resources are calculated on the basis of bandwidth, CPU usage and memory utilization.

Security And Customization

A close hosting comparison between VPS and cloud hosting reveals that VPS is far more secure and reliable, when it comes to maintaining privacy and protection of vital data. In VPS hosting, all the essential data is stored across a centralized location in a defined partition of a server. The users have complete control over their resources and environment with the ability to customize and manage their server settings. This security feature is absent in a cloud hosting platform as resources are distributed across several machines and it may be difficult to find out the exact location of the data. Cloud hosting ensures that resources are always available on demand and this makes it highly scalable.

Cost Effectiveness And Pricing

In VPS hosting, you are allowed to rent essential resources for which you may have to pay a fee either on a monthly or a yearly basis. In addition, you also need to pay for the subscription fee, which makes the costs more predictable and helps planning for your expenses in advance. This allows you to exceed and purchase more resources required for managing increasing volume of website traffic.

With a close hosting comparison between VPS and cloud hosting, it is clear that cloud hosting is more cost effective as there is no subscription fees. The users are charged for the amount of resources utilized over a billing period for every minute. This makes it ideal for websites with unpredictable traffic patterns and resource usage.

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