WordPress Blog Themes

Creating a WordPress blog can be beneficial to all types of online companies for generating high volume of traffic to their websites and attracting maximum number of customers. It is very simple and easy to set up your very own WordPress blog and does not require any specialized technical skills. With so many inspiring and interesting WordPress blog themes available for free, it offers the best tools required for building your website from scratch. You can also choose from numerous premium blog themes and customize them to suit your unique business requirements.

Benefits Of Using WordPress Blog Themes

Engage Your Customers

Most of the WordPress blog themes allow you to create a clean and professional looking website that may help in boosting your online marketing image. These different blog themes can be used for improving your branding efforts and capturing the attention of your target audience. Many of these premium blog themes are created specially by professional experts with perfect coding to ensure superior quality blog designs.

Better Performance And Speed

Sometimes, free WordPress blog themes may require some tweaking with some extra plug-ins and features added to optimize your blogs in the best possible manner. The presence of numerous meta-tags, plug-ins and other features may slow down the performance of your blog whereas premium blogs have all these built-in features. As a result, you need not install anything separately that helps in maintaining the speed and efficiency of your blog website.

Good Level Of Customer Support

With free WordPress blog themes, you need to deal with most of the issues on your own and dedicate lot of time and effort in finding online support and information. On the other hand, with premium blog themes, you never have to worry about such issues with guaranteed customer support to find solutions for any website related issues.

Best WordPress Blog Themes

-Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

This blog theme is quite versatile, fast, flexible and offers state of the art code with excellent design architecture to build smart and responsive blog websites. With easy to use, convenient design and layout, it allows you to create minimalist blogs or can be extended to create incredible blog theme design from the available child themes. You can manage and customize your website using some of the custom widgets, built-in features and eclectic mix and match options for layout available with this fantastic blog theme. Genesis is search optimized, offers automatic updates for framework and comes with different theme options panel. It makes use of the best security practices with neat and efficient code that makes your website achieve high rankings on the search engines.



You can use this WordPress blog theme to create all your personal and professional blogs with some bold, responsive and rich designs. It can help your content to look more unique and stand out with some big and beautiful images that comes with a large display. With a width of 1180 px, you can reap the benefits of having excellent images that can fit in your website to present a rich and professional look. At the same time, the scaled down version can fit in easily into your mobile phone, smart phones and devices such as tablets.

Use some of the cool and amazing features such as the sticky navigation menu that sticks to the top of the screen as you scroll through the page and fades away into a previous or next button. There are also plenty of options with custom page templates, widgets, feature posts section with logo, color and menu options offered through this blog theme.

WP Clear Video


This is a stylish and versatile WordPress blog theme ideal for both blogger and video bloggers. With a neat, responsive and professional design and other striking features, it is optimized to deliver the best results for all kinds of mobile devices. There are some notable features offered by this theme including business homepage layout option, page and portfolio template, YouTube videos, featured posts slider along with multiple posts and layout options.

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